The Tallest Dwarf

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Posted at — May 20, 2019 by Abishek Muthian

Abishek Muthian

Hi, this is Abishek Muthian. Thanks for visiting my blog.

That's me on the picture. I'm a time-constrained person.

Here, I intend on writing on some of my Interests and try my best to deliver as I perceived it.

Between 2014-2019, I had been running Timebender Technologies; building world class products and services. But, I had to close it down because of my health issues.

Now I'm a indie, Building tools and services like needgap, StartupToolchain, hitstartup etc. which can help other indies build what people need. My other side projects are listed on this website.

I have started to build a self-hosted, open-source alternative for Gum Road with Open Payment Host for preventing multiple commissions during transactions for indies.

Lately I've taken interest in building solutions to address health problems, Like Bone Health, Memory and Sedentary Lifestyle.

I tried to improve value proposition of Twitter with Engage Followers and then that happened.

I also participate in the International software development competitions and win them to fund my FOSS activities.

Before becoming an Entrepreneur, I had developed systems which run in some of the complex infrastructure in the world. I have a degree in Computer Science Engineering.

I don't have a regular schedule for the content here, in case if you liked what you saw then consider following me on the platforms listed below for updates on new content.

My interests are Science & Technology, Security, Entrepreneurship, Open-Source, Enthusiast Hardware, History, Art, Philosophy & Psychology.

I care about Equality, Equity, Freedom of speech & Privacy.

Why The Tallest Dwarf?

I am a dwarf, so...

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