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COVID-19 temperature correlation

Posted at — Mar 11, 2020 by Abishek Muthian

A user on needgap posted a problem of not being able to find graphs showing confirmed COVID-19 cases and local weather data such as temperature.

The reason for reputed agencies not publishing such graph is likely to prevent misinformation and possibly to avoid governments getting complacent in their action towards COVID-19.

But, as an individual I thought visualising that data might be a quick, worthy data exploration exercise and useful to those who understand the involved caveats.

I'm intentionally keeping this simple to be easily reproducible by that needgap user or anyone.


New Daily confirmed COVID-19 cases vs Local highest temperature on that day

New Daily confirmed COVID-19 cases vs Local highest temperature on that day

The last updated data based on which the above graph was plotted in mentioned within the image. I haven't decided on the schedule to update the graph i.e. weekly/monthly, if you find the data useful and would like it to be updated frequently do let me know.

The entire data exploration activity which lead to creation of the above graph is embedded from the GitHub gist below. I welcome corrections and suggestions to improve the accuracy or better visualisation of the data.

The jupyter notebook gist will load below (might take a while) -



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