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Did I break WhatsApp?

Posted at — Oct 5, 2021 by Abishek Muthian

I told my friend that I don't use WhatsApp and asked to be contact me via Signal.

We had a conversation on Signal and this happened,

Did I break WhatsApp?
Can even Facebook stoop so low?

I was told that the WhatsApp didn't work after installing Signal, I replied that it could be a coincidence. But I did consider for a moment on whether Facebook owned WhatsApp could stoop so low that when it detects Signal install it blocks WhatsApp temporarily to deter someone from using Signal.

Well it might not be the first time WhatsApp tried to hinder competing messaging platforms. Facebook is a type of company which knows that it's product is harmful to teens yet it still tries to get children into it.

To my relief, I found the next morning that Facebook inc. suffered a massive outage due to a BGP routing issue and so it was a coincidence after all.

While the children were woke from their sleep by their parents to fix the Facebook, their own employees stood outside the offices because their ID badges weren't working due to the outage.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook's outage made it to the headlines of all major news sites as the mother of all investigative journalism is happening at the other end.


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