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I found my 7th grade art book !

Posted at — Apr 24, 2016 by Abishek Muthian

The drawings from my 7th grade art book gives an insight of what my life and dreams were during that period. I share this is to inspire at-least few to go back and check what they were and what they are now.

Art book cover

My 7th grade Art notebook My 7th grade Art notebook.

I’m 29 year old Indian male. The drawings from my 7th grade art book gives an insight of what my life and dreams were during that period. Remember these drawings are of a 10 year old kid with 5 year old hands who just started realising he’s not like other kids [I was operated multiple times for limb deformities by then which resulted in stunted growth]. I share this is to inspire at-least few to go back and check what they were and what they are now.

DR. B.R Ambedkar

DR. B.R Ambedkar drawn by 7th grade child I think DR. B.R Ambedkar

DR. B.R Ambedkar , father of Indian Constitution. I was 10 when I drew this, so excuse the details.



TURBO-T-SOLAR-M-CYCLE, Lol what ! Look at that exhausts before the feet. Why does a solar bike need exhausts in the first place and looks like it also had breaks !


HotWheels HotWheels

Hotwheels were a craze on that day, unlike today where kids play with smartphones and game consoles I had time to play with some real toys which thought me lot me lot of stuff. Lol look at those fiery , friction gasp emoticon . I was quite good at reference drawing btw. Hence the logo is neat.

Karate Chop

Karate Chop Karate Chop

Karate Chop ! Okay, considering martial arts was one of my interests.


Hovercraft side view Hovercraft - side view

This is the best , not for the planning but for the execution. I really did build a hovercraft out of thermocol, plastic sheets & motors. Though the architecture was scientifically accurate , the motor wasn’t powerful enough to provide the necessary air cushion and hence it was partially successful project. I remember me building it vividly and showing it to every guest at home and even took it to the school to show to my friends. Thanks to my friend’s dad I had clear knowledge of motors very early in my life like say when I was 7or 8. So motors and wiring stuff was easy peasy when I was 10 ????

Hovercraft top view Hovercraft - top view

Hovercraft — Top view. One of the best DIY project of those times.

Bill of materials Bill of materials

Bill of materials for Hovercraft build ?

Indian Army Indian Army

Of course , Indian Army. It was a while till I released that I wasn’t physically fit for a territorial army but then again what’s wrong with dreaming right ? Look at those details , knife in the legs. Lol.

Indian Army Indian Army

Looks like an Indian Army action scene , must have seen about a terrorist operation on television on that day.

Room automation Room automation

Room automation. Not clear ,I think it’s to automate door open/close.

RC car Incomplete RC Car

An In complete RC car , I used to dismantle lot of toys those days so the mechanism was quite familiar to me.

Aircraft Aircraft

Aeroplane , This was my second best DIY project of those times. I build it with cardboard, sticks & of course motor for propeller . My aerodynamics knowledge was limited during that time and hence the finished project was at best an art piece which did not fly. It does seem like I did have clear knowledge of navigation considering the diagram has rudders.

UAV top view UAV top view

UAV ? Holy sh**, where in the world did I get to see a delta wing UAV design. Was it a fluke ? Probably yes.

UAV side view UAV side view

UAV — Side view, Looks like I did have plans to build a RC plane I guess.

Fashion Fashion

Fashion . I remember having a T-shirt with coconut during those period. Lol, those pants.

Then I got a computer, now you know where it all ended.


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