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India income tax e-filing utility for Linux

Posted at — Oct 1, 2021 by Abishek Muthian

India has made a major overhaul to it's Income Tax filing website and with it its offline e-filing utilities which are now available only for Windows and Mac.

Income E-filing Linux Tweet

Earlier the utility was in Java and was available for linux. Now it's been replaced with electron wrapper over the website and so I don't know why it's not available for linux.

Anyways I was able to run the windows e-filing utility using Wine.

I'm on Arch with GNOME 40 and used bottles a Wine manager to run the e-filing utility. Interestingly only the bottles from the default Software (App store for GNOME) worked for this and not the ones from AUR (incl. Git version).

  1. I followed default setup options for bottles as detailed in their first-run documentation.

  2. Created a software bottle to run the ITDe-Filing Setup 1.0.16.exe via Run executable which runs the e-filing utility for the first time and also installs it in the programs.

Income E-filing running under Wine

  1. But installed ITDe-Filing couldn't be run from the Programs(wine process kills itself) and so I had to make some changes to the settings in the Preferences.
  2. I enabled Use a virtual desktop to help with X-Wayland quirks. Enabling virtual desktop under bottles preferences

Launching ITDe-Filing from the programs 5. Launched ITDe-Filing from the programs and immediately clicked on the ITDe-Filing icon on the virtual desktop before it closes itself in a second or two. Clicking the ITDe-Filing from the virtual desktop

  1. This launched the ITD-eFiling utility on the virtual desktop. ITDe-filing launched within the virtual desktop

Note: I noticed CPU being turboed while running the e-Filing utility, I don't know whether it's a bug with the utility itself or a quirk when it is used with Wine. But I like to run my compute systems under low power profile unless absolutely necessary.

Since filing the tax would take several days, I do not want my CPU to be on full power all that time, So I'm not going to use this utility and instead use their web version as I see no difference.

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