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Ola stop polluting notifications, respect categories

Posted at — Oct 6, 2021 by Abishek Muthian

Ola has realized that it would never make profit just like its overrated original and so it's diversifying into electric vehicles.

I think that's great both as a business(if it pans out) and as a consumer as it could improve the electric vehicle ecosystem in India.

But you probably knew all those in case you had the Ola app on your phone as Ola just doesn't stop sending notifications about pre-ordering its Ola Scooter.

Ola Scooter Notification Pollution
The notification message has more cringe than BYJU's Ads

Well if you don't like those notifications, Just ignore it you might tell. Well I did, Android makes it easy to do it that is if the app publisher respects the notification categories.

Ola Scooter Notification doesn't respect android notification categories
All 'Promotions' notifications channel is turned off for a reason

Ola should have stopped sending the promo notifications when the 'Promotions' channel is turned off, but it didn't. It is using Ride related notification channels to send its scooter promotion. This is a blatant violation of android's notification usage guidelines.

Ola Scooter Notification Pollution
Just when I thought that the cringe cannot get worse

I value my attention, Notification pollution is real so please stop with it Ola.


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