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On Apple slowing down its phones

Posted at — Dec 22, 2017 by Abishek Muthian

Build world’s best smartphone CPU & release a CPU governor to slow it down via software update 😑

This isn’t an isolated incident, Li-ion batteries have been plaguing the tech industry. While other parts of the smartphone like displays, compute power, data transfer, storage capacities have been seeing annual growth; battery tech has been the same for several decades now.

Though it’s intriguing that with R&D capital more than that of economies of several countries, the break through battery tech is no where to be seen.

It largely has to do with safety concerns, a Li-ion battery is nothing but a portable bomb; but it’s been over 50 years that we have become good at managing *most* of it flaws albeit the surprises even now. So any new battery tech, should not only be more efficient than Li-ion but also more safe and that’s why it’s very hard.

It’s one of the problems which needs immediate solution, but none available. Manufacturer’s can you be less greedy and give replaceable batteries? Consumers, can you quit OCD’ing on getting thinner devices?

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