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Smart Watch to Smart Clock

Posted at — Oct 5, 2021 by Abishek Muthian

I was one of the early adopters of smart watch ecosystem with OG LG G Watch, but lately I have stopped wearing watches altogether as they're sweaty and that I've become weary of having devices with large batteries closer to my body especially those with connectivity.

But the LG G Watch has found a new use as a smart clock attached to my desk thanks to FOSS smart watch Operating System - AsteroidOS.

Smart Clock with AsteroidOS
Does the factory screen protector bother you? Good 😜

AsteroidOS is a high quality, resilient open-source project with support for large variety of smart watches and a great community. I have forked the AsteroidOSLinux client which syncs Linux OS(time, notifications, media player) with the AsteroidOS smart watch to add smart clock specific features.

I have implemented MQTT publish on the AsteroidOSLinux so we can send MQTT message to the clock as a notification and not just the desktop notifications. I plan on using the smart clock for those occasional alerts via notifications which needs my attention.

mosquitto_pub -h -m "{\"summary\":\"Alert from Server 1\",\"body\":\"CPU is toasty\"}" -t house/smartwatch
Smart Clock with AsteroidOS
This should grab my attention

I will showcase more specific use cases in the upcoming posts.




P.S. Write to your government about the need to have repairable compute devices with replaceable batteries and the ability to power them without the battery. I understand that the manufacturer incurs a cost to implement them(Nothing to innovate, that's how devices were earlier) but it's a cost we should be paying so that our future generation don't find these devices in landfill while desperately digging for water.

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