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Voice summary of news

Posted at — Mar 19, 2021 by Abishek Muthian

There is a need gap for Human voice summary of news.

Until this need gap gets addressed, we can use automation tool like tasker to implement read-aloud feature for news app like inshorts.


  1. Tasker android app.
  2. AutoInput android app.
  3. Selecting preferred voice in the Google Text-to-Speech Engine.

Tasker profile inshorts_read_aloud.prf.xml would fetch the news title and news text from the news card of the app and would automatically scroll to the next. Tasker profile inshorts_display.prf.xml would change the display timeout to 30 mins when the inshorts app is launched and would change the display timeout to 15 secs when the app is exited.

Import the above profiles by holding the PROFILES tab. Run the tasks associated with the profiles individually and grant required permissions.


This should be the result when the tasker profiles do their job.